Northern Ireland's #1 Nine Hole Golf Club based just outside Bushmills and named after the river made famous by the whiskey. Haven came into existence over 125 years ago when it was founded in 1890 the club and course are well established in the local golfing landscape.


This nine hole course has double tees adjoining a tranquil seaside village and offers prime sea views. The very tight course, mixing links and parkland elements, demands the peak of accuracy. Each year, the course hosts the Bushfoot International Ladies Tournament for four days in June.


The course sits in the final bend of the river Bush with stunning views from the start, a links feel, it even has its own "Road Hole" like St. Andrews at the 17th, were the golfer has to hit their tee shot over the shed in front to find the fairway.


Bushfoot prides itself on offering great value with a green fee that won't break the bank. After a game sit back and enjoy the best view from any clubhouse whilst enjoying some nourishment & liquid refreshment.