Northern Ireland golfers are very fortunate to enjoy several fine examples of the esteemed H.S. Colt’s talents for course design, with Belvoir Park considered one of the best.


Belvoir Park Golf Club is just three miles from the city centre of Belfast, but you wouldn’t know it once you are on the course. Golfers are shielded from the noise and sights of the city by huge, mature trees which line every fairway, many of which were well established in 1927 when the course was first built using teams of horses and hand ploughs.


Largely unaltered since its design, the only changes to the course have been brought about by thoughtful planting of 40,000 new trees in the late 1950s. From the balcony of the imposing new clubhouse, the green fingers of the fairways fan out like avenues, giving panoramic views of the 9th green, 10th fairway, 13th tee and 18th green.

To the right of the clubhouse can be seen Samson and Goliath, the twin cranesof the Harland and Wolff shipyard which built the famous RMS Titanic passenger ship.


Mr. Harry Colt, upon being employed as course architect, reported, “I consider that it will be possible to make a course affording an excellent test and, at the same time, one that will give maximum of pleasure to players”.


There is an opportunity to play any of the day of the week, visit the booking link to check availability.